Personal Training

About Personal Training

From eating the right food to choosing the right exercise and everything in between, anyone can make a mistake. The wrong diet can cause a person to end up 10 pounds overweight, and the wrong exercises can give you bulging bicepts when all you really wanted was to tone your muscles.

A Few Benefits of Having a Personal Trainer

  • Acurate Fitness Evaluation
  • Motivation
  • Customized Fitness Program
  • The Need for Change

How to Pick a Personal Trainer

Look for a trainer that manually stretches all clients stretching gives your trainer the ability to read the muscular imbalances within your body. The knowledge a qualified trainer can obtain from stretching his clients gives him a roadmap to your physique which in turn gives red flags of what not to do, or exercising extreme caution with specific movements.

Meet Our Trainers

Our trainers are or have been competitive athletes and are eager to help you meet or exceed your fitness goals. If you are READY to get SERIOUS and meet your fitness goals call 864.288.0177 for a FREE initial consulation and fitness goal accessment TODAY!

Olly Pierce: Owner of Brit’s Brothers personal training facility for 19 years. Two time State Body Building Champion and placed 4th in NPC Nationals.

Kevin Bain: Co-Manager of Brit’s Brothers for the past nine years. Uses his 15+ years of workout experience to help many high school baseball players reach the “next level”.